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clean water act trump : The purpose of the Clean Water Act is to guard the standard of our water resources and it makes it unlawful to discharge any pollutant into navigable waters from a ‘point source’, unless a permit is obtained. A ‘point source’ is defined as an immediate discharge from sources like pipes and sewers.

The permit, the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), is issued by the EPA or a licensed state or tribe. The permit must be obtained before initiating any discharge. The applicant must provide:

clean water act trump

Quantitative Analytical data, which identifies the kinds of pollutants that are present within the facility’s effluent. When issued, the permit defines:

The conditions and limitations under which the power may discharge.

Discharge limits, which are supported federal, state or tribal water quality standards.

Limits are supported the uses of the water, like supporting aquatic life or recreational activities.

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There are three sections of the Clean Water Act that have particular relevance for healthcare facilities:

Waste water


Oil storage tanks

A typical medical building features a big variety of waste water sources such as:

Sinks, showers, lavatories


Photo processing labs

Washing machines and dishwashers


Maintenance shops

The set of regulations that applies is decided by where the waste water goes. If the waste water goes into a municipal sewage system , the medical building is an indirect discharger. If the waste water goes directly into a body of water, like a lake or river, the power may be a direct discharger.

clean water act trump

The overwhelming majority of healthcare facilities are indirect dischargers and that they are subject to the regulations established by the local water treatment and sewer authority. These treatment plants are regulated by the Clean Water Act, 40 CFR Part 403. Usually, the healthcare facilities must obtain an industrial user permit and that they must suits specific regulations which are spelled call at the permit. The Clean Water Act specifically prohibits indirect dischargers from releasing any of the subsequent into the sewer:

Fire or explosives.

Corrosives with a pH greater than 5.0.

Solid or viscous pollutants.

the other pollutant, including oil and grease from a cafeteria that would interfere with or undergo the municipal treatment plant.

Any additional rules established by the local sewer authority that are applicable.

Any sort of heat which could raise the temperature plant influent above 104º F.

Pollutants that cause toxic gases, fumes, or vapors.

The Clean Water Act regulations for larger facilities are going to be different from those of healthcare facilities that are categorized as indirect dischargers.

clean water act trump

Has The Federal Clean Water Act Gone Too Far?

Everyone wants a pristine environment with clean water to drink and clean air to breath, that goes without saying. Yet we see our environmental laws being severally abused then our Online think factory has asked the tough question that nobody else dares too; Has The Federal Clean Water Act has gone too far? Before you answer and say that the environment or water can never be too clean, realize we concur thereon point.

But still we ask the question has the Federal Clean Water Act has gone too far and is it currently getting used incorrectly? only too often environmental groups trying to prevent building projects on personal property will plan to traffic jam the method by filing lawsuits against the EIRs (Environmental Impact Reports) using these laws and misapplying their intent.

In fact it’s used as a tool to prevent the forward progression of our nation unnecessarily causing Supply issues with oil refineries, power and far needed infrastructure projects like roads, power lines, sewer treatment plants and therefore the unintended consequences are far worse for the environment.

clean water act trump

We should ditch this notion

We should ditch this notion that the Federal Clean Water Act may be a liberal victory, it had been made to form our waterways clean and was instituted by the Republicans. Indeed, now it’s abused and misused by liberal K-street lobbyists and their Public Citizen type supports to dam the upgrades to our nation and deny personal property rights and development.

Realize also that the Federal Clean Water Act was in 1972 and that i am trying to find Modern Liberal accomplishments (which this is often not) and proof that modern-day liberalism isn’t sending us into a flat spin, which no stick and rudder, ball within the center or afterburner can get over .

Has The Federal Clean Water Act has gone too far? I certainly hope this text is of interest which is has propelled thought. The goal is simple; to assist you in your quest to be the simplest in 2007. I many thanks for reading my many articles on diverse subjects, which interest you.

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