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patriot wholesale club review : patriot wholesale club It is a 6.5 inches height, 1.5 inches width, and 4 ounces weight powerful shockwave torch to guard yourself, your money and your family against attackers, killers and thieves.

Patriot Wholesale DirectU.S. Mail Rural Delivery Magnetic Car Sign 9×12- Brand New Item, Open Box -1 Factory Radio is proud to introduce our line of liquidation listings! These are new, open box items that are priced to move. Any cosmetic blemishes are noted in the condition field so please keep that in mind when purchasing.

All items are guaranteed to be in 100% working order with our standard 30 day return and 90 day warranty so you’ll still be covered by our top-notch customer service. We’ll be adding new listings to this line every day at limited quantities so be sure to bookmark and keep watch for more great deals!

This is for a Patriot Wholesale Direct U.S. Mail Rural Delivery Magnetic Car Sign 9×12. This item is in NEW condition, with open box and all included items unless otherwise listed. Please see photos for details.As you can see from our reviews, we package and ship everything very carefully via UPS insured. If you have any questions about any item listed, please do not hesitate to reach out.

patriot wholesale club review

Introducing about patriot wholesale club review

There are thousands of innovations happening per annum within the world. like these technologies, it’s become very easy for people to urge a hold of weapons through the black market or maybe the dark web.

These things have made the planet a dangerous place as you never know once you might get robbed by someone, or someone might attempt to hurt you. it’s necessary for you to stay you and your family safe. you ought to always take care of things that are happening around you.

You should skills to counter these sorts of situations if ever they arise. the simplest thing is to possess the equipment necessary which can assist you in handling these situations and beginning on top.

There are various online shops available from which you’ll buy self-defense items sort of a taser, aerosol , or a tactical pen, etc., but the one that’s the simplest place for these sorts of things is Patriot Wholesale Club.

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Advantages of Patriot Wholesale Club review :

The Shockwave Torch is 6.5 inches height, 1.5 inches width, and 4 ounces weight.

There are on and off buttons to form the Shockwave Torch usage very easy and straightforward .

The Shockwave Torch is extremely light, very hard, and made from very top quality materials.

The Patriot Wholesale Club Shockwave Torch uses the ultra powerful LED bulb, which may stay working for up to 100,000 hours.

The Shockwave Torch features a rechargeable batteries, so you’ll charge it reception within jiffy .

You can use the Shockwave Torch sharp bezel to harm and injuries the attackers if you during a hard situation.

The Shockwave Torch light is robust enough to cause a short lived and short blindness within the attacker’s eyes, this may offer you the prospect and sufficient time to flee or defend yourself.

You can also use the Shockwave Torch as a traditional torch in dark.

The Shockwave Torch is 100% safe, easy to use, legal and powerful self defense tool.Onetime payment, no monthly fees or subscriptions.

patriot wholesale club review

patriot wholesale club review Features

it sells all kinds of self-defense items that you simply might need when handling thugs. Self-defense weapons are necessary to possess , especially for ladies . With the things , they will easily defend themselves against an individual .

Patriot Wholesale Club has a number of the simplest collection of those items starting from shockwave torch to a knife sharpener. All of those items might sound non-important initially glance, but once you are during a situation when your home is getting robbed, you would like something that you simply can use against the attackers.


If you’re an individual who wants self-defense items, then this is often the simplest place you’ll find. There are all kinds of various sorts of items here, which may use during a lot of various situations. you’ll find differing types of flashlights here. you’ll also inspect their best-selling shockwave flashlight.

It is designed because the best self-defense weapon as you’ll use it to offer a high voltage shock to people that try to rob you or harass you.

Survival Collection

One of the simplest things about this online store is its survival collection. you’ll find all kinds of things which will be useful to you during a state of emergency. Survival gear is basically necessary for each person to possess as you never know once you might come face to face during a situation where you’ll need one among those things.

They offer a stinger, which is basically helpful in situations where you’re alone with a bunch of robbers, and you’ve got to fight them. There also are different survivor knives present here, which are most beneficial in close-quarter combat.

There also are several sorts of military bags available, which may be wont to store tons of things. you’ll also tactical belts here, which may hold tons of stuff too. there’s even a fireplace starter present here, which is beneficial if you run aground somewhere.


One of the simplest things about this store is that there are regular discounts happening hebdomadally that’s extremely useful for people that don’t have an obscene amount of cash to spend on survival equipment. These discounts are the most thing which sets Patriot Wholesale Club aside from others. They look after their customers.


patriot wholesale club review

As with any sort of store, it’s necessary to possess excellent service. If your behavior is extremely supportive of consumers , then they’re going to definitely buy from you again. an equivalent is that the case with Patriot Wholesale Club, as they need one among the simplest customer services. you’ll contact them whenever you would like , and that they are present there to unravel any of your queries.

patriot wholesale club Bonuses

One, three, five or ten Shockwave Torches, as you would like .

Bonus1: 50% off for the Shockwave Torch.

Bonus2: free handling and shipping once you buy five Shockwave Torches or more.

Bonus3: lifetime help and support.

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